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  "You had me at defined outcome."

Have a mandate and a budget for a breakthrough pilot project that overcomes business, technical and adoption challenges?


  "You had me at open source."

Prefer to get started by doing it yourself? Welcome to our developer community.

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  "You had me at beyond."

Already beyond the breakthrough stage?   Awesome.   We've been waiting to work together with you.

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  Yes   That is indeed our Breakthrough model! Contact us and we'll schedule an intro call.

  Subscription   Both Breakthrough and Beyond are based on an annual subscription which provides unconstrained access to our expertise whenever required: Ask us anything, anytime. Visit our pricing page for more details.

  • Beyond digital transformation initiatives.
  • Beyond Industry 4.0 speculation.
  • Beyond legacy lock-in business models.
  • Beyond the treatment of people as a means to an end.

  Yes   If you're based in Canada, check out our DAIR BoosterPack for free, curated cloud resources to host and experiment with our Pareto Anywhere open source software—également disponible sous le nom les Propulseurs de l'ATIR.

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